Benefit of the Doubt

We all do it – at least I think we do!!  We enter into relationships or we are already in those that the Universe has chosen for us (e.g., family and extended family).  We have long standing ways of communicating to our “people,” even making conscious decisions to interact in […]

it’s an inside job

I struggle, like most humans, with the basic questions. Am I loveable? Am I valued? What has happened for me over the years is that I have been forced over and over again to go deeper within to find the answers to those questions. I would love so very much […]

recharging my batteries

on monday night i saw a window of opportunity to truly charge my “alone” batteries. there was a little indie film playing at the local art house and i could see my way clear to take a few hours away. can i just tell you? i LOVE going to movies […]

choosing a website name

Thank you for visiting my website. I guess one of the best ways for me to introduce myself is to tell you a little about the adventure of simply choosing the name for this website. I was in my home with my husband and two dogs. A football game was […]