choosing a website name

Thank you for visiting my website. I guess one of the best ways for me to introduce myself is to tell you a little about the adventure of simply choosing the name for this website. I was in my home with my husband and two dogs. A football game was on the TV (which is actually pretty standard in our home) and the dogs were resting, except for the occasional head tilt when something caught their attention. I was just trying to choose a website name – how hard could that really be?


What happened, though, was that I thought back through the unholy, sacred road that brought me to this moment and I was moved by the extraordinary grace that had been bestowed upon me – not because I particularly sought it out, but simply because the Divine is so incredibly loving. I knew that I wanted somehow to incorporate that idea into who I bring to each and every encounter. It was not lost on me that my journey has been cobbled together through many, many unconscious missteps and conscious miscalculations. And yet, no matter what, Grace – palpable, identifiable and silently bridged every misstep and miscalculation. So, there you have it … Extraordinary Grace – that which simply appears.